SERFAN innovation

Strategic Economic Research and Financial ANalysis for medical innovation

SERFAN innovation was founded in 2012 to provide economic and financial modeling services to medical innovators and healthcare decision-makers.

We help our clients develop and market innovative healthcare technologies, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnostics, devices, health information systems; in fact any technology designed to benefit the individual patient or people in general.  Our consultancy combines clinical understanding, academic rigor and business pragmatism.

It is hard in the present climate to get a product to market, to get the right innovation to the right patients at the right time and at the right price.  The market is constantly changing and healthcare budgets are constrained. We will help you find the best and most practical way to negotiate with those who fund healthcare.

SERFAN innovation‘s modeling and analytical services can help to identify, guide and deploy successful strategies for accessing the market.  Our analytical expertise is backed by our passion for research in decision sciences and our business acumen.